Urban development and residential projects


Panama’s historical past has been linked to the political and social connotations of the United States, which led the American government to use many Panamanian territories as strategic defense military bases.

In order to comply with the agreements stipulated in the Panama Canal Treaty, during the last years these lands have been returned to the government of Panama, and they have been administered and managed for the good use and and functioning of the country.

Accordingly, many geographic areas of Panama’s territory have started a process of renewal and continuous change, which has facilitated the development of numerous urban and real estate projects.

Panama-Pacific and Garden City of Albrook: Examples of Residential Projects

Among the multiple apartment and housing projects, two urban development ideas stand out: : Panama Pacific and Garden City of Albrook.

Panama Pacific is an urban development megaproject based on a master plan already in progress and to be developed in the next years. Apartment projects, residential neighborhoods, universities, schools, shopping centers and business premises, parks, nature projects, make this colossal urban development idea one of the main real estate offers of the country. The demand responds for both Panama residents as well as foreigners who have decided to establish their residence in Panama Pacific.

The Garden City of Albrook  Jardín de Albrook developed from the project to utilize the old American base at Albrook. It has residential neighborhoods and certainly an enormous potential for growth, due to the close proximity of the Panama Canal and the benefits this brings to these lands.  Nonetheless, one of the most well known attractions of this region is the monumental shopping center called Albrook Mall, the largest one in the country and with the best possible quality and functionality. It has numerous stores and services providing a great value to this commercial colossus, visited by thousands of people throughout the year.

Panama has an excellent health, and it is therefore targeted by different real estate inversions goza de una salud excelente y por ello es objetivo de diferentes inversiones inmobiliarias que la están dotando de positivos valores, que la sitúan en puestos de verdadero privilegio dentro de la oferta turística mundial.

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