Panama Projects: Amador Waterfront Master Plan


Urban projects in Panama are now normal development plans withing the positive growth taking place in this Central American country. Its capacity for continuous renewal translates into works and ideas forecasting an innovative future rich in business opportunities. This new wave of progress and adaptation to the future has led to one of the largest architectural and urban developments in Panama: the Amador Waterfront Master Plan.

Project: Amador Waterfront Master Plan

Amador Waterfront by HKS Architects via

Amador Waterfront by HKS Architects via

Amador Waterfront Master Plan is a project of vision and planning designed to transform an urban district into one of the largest resorts capable of competing with the world’s  most famous coastal tourist destinations.

This recent and ambitious urban plan is developed to enjoy numerous innovative experiences. It involves the creation of a commercial port running all along the shore. Private beaches, channels, green areas and parks, are all part of the Amador Waterfront Master Plan.

This project will coexist naturally alongside the new residential neighborhoods of Panama City. Its towers, offices and centers will enjoy the novel panoramic view provided by this majestic urban project. Business and recreation will be taken into consideration, offering great services in this sense using a renewal design in an attempt  to integrate its benefits to the current setting.    

As a matter of fact, one of the cornerstones of this project is to preserve and maximize the particular characteristics of the area, the personality of the bay’s influence, and capitalize the coastal significance of the area.


Amador actualmente detras del Casco Viejo sin rascacielos (By: Jimmy Baikovicius)

Three are three different zones within the framework of the road map of  Amador Waterfront Master Plan:
Inner Harbor is a commercial area and a perfect combination of different heights, recreation areas and night life.
Resorts is a mid-height zone enjoying the benefits of the coastal area, with breathtaking landscapes and recreation areas.
The Island is a more intimate zone, an exclusive neighborhood bordering the bay and the pier with luxury constructions and designs.

Amador Waterfront Master Plan is  an urban project planned in four stages, with an estimated  total time of construction of thirty years.

Panama proves to be ready for the changes and economic growth that have been taking place in the last years. Its renovation plan includes urban and real estate offers attracting foreigners who recognize this Central America country as a remarkable place to live and develop their business.

The plan is in its early stages, and over time we will watch its progress and enjoy a model of modernity and strength that will mark a turning point in the culture of Panama.


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