Five Structural Projects that Will Change Panama City Forever

Something is changing in Panama City. There is feeling of a collective atmosphere of optimism and energy, and the citizens cannot be blamed for this surprising and optimistic change of attitude. As a matter of fact, Panama is about to confront a breaking point which will turn this booming city from a totally different urban site to what is known at this moment. Five large-scale building projects are about to change this city into something really great and different.

The New Subway

Naturally, this is a metropolitan train that will cover Panama City. The project is sponsored by the Panama government and started on February, 2011. An initial amount of $1,452 million dollars was assigned. Each kilometer has a cost of approximately $130 million dollars. As of 2011, the budget was upgraded to $1,880 million dollars, as informed by the Panama Subway Secretary.

Panama’s subway project has already completed its first and second stages, which include planning, cost estimate and feasibility, and other analysis of technical nature, like topography and soil analysis. The third and fourth stages include relocation of services, building stations and annex structures. Theses stages are currently being developed.

Modern Public Lighting

In line with the growth of other areas and with Panama’s  urban development, an ongoing project from 2010 is currently dealing with lighting areas like Ensanche de Tocumen  to 24 de Diciembre, from Villa Belén  to Mañanitas and other places like Entrada Howard, Burunga, Puente Centenario, La Pulida avenue, Bethania, Pacora and the streets of Ciudad Futuro, Puerto Caimito and the stretch to Hato Montaña. The project specifically seeks to install up to 72 thousand light poles, probably more.

Accordingly, the Authority of Public Services submitted a 4-year project involving the commissioning of 72,ooo  lamps in addition to the existing 210,000. The project has a 100 million dollar budget. This is not only a matter of quantity, but quality. ASEP stated they are planning to replace the current high-pressure sodium lamps with LED lamps, which will save between 50 and 80% of energy consumption as well as provide  an estimate of over 50,000 hours of service.

Renovation of the banking area

The banking zone or banking area of Panama is another matter that has been renewed through an escalated and rolling plan with a view to offer entrepreneurs and investors a comfortable, modern area where they can perform their business activities. One of the main projects of this plan is the burial of lines at the banking area, for which ASEP, the Authority of Public Services, approved the project called Configuration Change of the Banking Area of Panama from Aerial to Underground.

This work covers the distance from avenue Nicanor De Obarrio  (or Calle 50), Via España, Via Brasil and avenue Federico Boyd.

New Yacht Harbour

With its attractive maritime area and  strong yacht activity in the area, Panama benefits from a new yacht marina with modern infrastructure. Causeway marina harbors the famous yacht club and is clearly one of the main favorite tourist attractions for all who visit Panama. Why not have more similar enclaves?

Planting of Trees and  Creation of Green Areas

Panama is blessed with one of the best climates in the world, an ideal climate for a wide variety of trees.   Several independent organizations like Panama Verde, AFAT Panama, OJEW and government entities are aware of this advantage and have been stimulating the planting of trees and the creation of new green areas.  These activities have hired labor as well as the spontaneous support of thousands of young people engaged in the noble task of beautifying this wonderful city even more.

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