Knowing Panama 2: Howard, the future promised land

Howard Air Force Base

During the last decade, the economic changes and positive diplomatic relationships with the United States have boosted Panama’s economy greatly. The Central American country is one with the most international and national potential, object of numerous development projects throughout the territory. This has given a renovation and change boost to stalled areas with minimum  development, among them the one known as Howard, clear example of this exponential sense of future.

Howard in the past

Howard is located west of Panama Canal. These territories were used as an Air Force Base by the United States, pillar of the air power of the American government for almost six decades. More than 20,000 military units and their families lived in this Panama enclave.

Howard Air Force Base

Howard Air Force Base

On 1999, Howard was returned to the Panama government, complying with the written dispositions of the Panama Canal Treaty. Since then, ideas and projects to enhance that area started rolling, developing into a modern and sustainable transformation into a new city.

Howard, a new city

The old American base at Howard is no longer an outdated area with remnants of the past, and has become an economic, logistic and urban reference of modern Panama.

The special coverage of this area makes it a commercial target for its tax incentives, its closeness to Panama City, and the almighty flagship of Panama’s economy: the Panama Canal.  The total extension of Howard is approximately 3558 acres, of which 2100 will be developed for industrial, business, and residential uses. The remaining land is comprised by beautiful green areas, where Nature will be an integral part of this zone.

From a business point of view, it is transforming into an important spot for the financial development of Panama. Companies like Dell Panama, Singapore Technologies Aerospace,  or the Panamanian Truckslogic Consulting S. A. have established their headquarters in this prosperous industrial area.

Regarding urban development, the future cannot look more promising: the  Panama Pacific building project has been conducted since 2008. This is an innovative redevelopment project on the old Howard area, currently creating a residence community growing in popularity and real estate demand.   

Nowadays, Howard has four schools, two universities, and a considerable number o business premises and restaurants, expanding neighborhoods and growing future urban projects under construction. Its closeness to beaches and enviable Nature adds quality value to take the decision to know and live in this example of future and modernity of Panama.

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