The Six Most Expensive and Luxurious Apartments in Panama City


Panama City rises proudly and strong in response to the economic expansion and increasing development it has experienced during the last decade. The government of Panama has decided to develop urban and housing projects and a policy of renovation of old areas, which has brought an excellent urban level.

In the face of this injection of national and foreign investment, the product and real estate offer has become very varied: different residences, houses and apartments in paradisiacal and important landscapes of Panama are in demand by fortunate individuals.


Within this real estate offer there is a high percentage of luxury residences, stunning houses with comforts and quality of all kind, and a price that not many can afford. The following is a list of these unique properties in Panama’s capital city whose common link is their luxurious and magnificent design and materials:

  1. Condos Punta Pacifica Apartamento. First time in the market, these is a three-story residence with a spectacular attic, designed by one of the best architects in Panama. Located on  Punta Pacifica in one of the best neighborhoods in Panama with the best array of services. With a cost of e  $4.897.15 per square meter, this property consists of three bedrooms and five bathrooms, luxurious materials like marble, swimming-pool, deck, etc., overlooking the sea, covered parking, guest parking, utility room, laundry, gym… The price of this stunning residence is  $

  2. Condos Costa del Este. Another luxury residence located in Costa del Este. It has three bedrooms, each one with a bathroom, air condition on all rooms, panoramic view of Costa del Este yand the sea, ceramic floors, etc. Close to schools and main roads, garden areas, and an ideal park for kids. A luxurious, high quality property designed for family enjoyment. It is priced at  $21,551.72 and can reach a total value of  $

  3. Condos San Francisco. Ample attic with a  360º view of the sea. Completely furnished and professionally decorated at the highest level with the best Italian marble.  With a surface of 1100 square meters, this is a luxurious residence located in the best area of Panama City. The price of this magnificent property is “cheaper” than the two previous ones: $

  4. Pent-house Condos Punta Pacífica. Beautiful and elegant pent-house style apartment located in Punta Pacifica. Brilliantly furnished and decorated, for classy and glamorous people. With a total surface of  1356 square meters, it has three bedrooms perfectly equipped and two-story, double-height floors. Five parking spaces and access to different services of all kinds. This property is priced at $3.850.000.00.

apartamento-panama-lujo5. Pent-house Condos Punta Pacífica II. Another spectacular apartment located at Punta Pacifica. It has a total surface of 1136 square meters furnished, equipped and decorated in great detail. Inspired on Mediterranean architecture, with natural stone materials and iron, clay and tiles. Services of all kinds, swimming-pool, spa, playground, tennis court, etc. Its total price is $3.850.000.00.

6. Condos Ciudad de Panama Apartament . Luxurious apartment located at Ave. on Panama City. A first-class construction of great comfort. Part of a complete, luxurious building with access to the best area of the capital city of Panama. Two bedrooms and three bathrooms and a fully equipped, modern kitchen stand out among their services. This gorgeous apartment is dotted with amazing panoramic views.  The price is around $2.800.00.00.

The properties mentioned above have a combination of spectacular quality and design able to compete with any type of property. Only few privileged people have the means to enjoy them. For now, looking at these architectural marvels costs nothing.

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