Amador Causeway: Beautiful Promenade

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Panama is one of the countries that has experienced the greatest growth and development during the last years. The government has launched urban and real estate development plans to renew Panama’s areas, providing them with a high-quality tourism offer. With the invaluable support of its enviable geographic location, this country has a variety of landscapes and a great tourist offer.  One of the loveliest and most visited areas in Panama is Amador Causeway.

Amador Causeway (Calzada de Amador)

It is a  road – bridge that runs along the three islands south of Panama: Naos, Perico and Flamingo, forming a small  archipelago. It has become a very popular road in the country, with a great offer of hotel and recreation services.

Built in 1913 parallel to the construction of the majestic Panama Canal, it was originally part of a military complex which has been turned into a renewed tourist platform: a road that connects the city with the three islands, displaying an unparalleled perspective of the city.

Yates en Panama acerca Amador Causeway

Yates en Panama acerca Amador Causeway

With a total length of 3 miles dotted with palm trees that makes it a natural and nice promenade bordering the coastline, it is an ideal route not only for strolling on foot, but also for bike rides or jogging on this modern avenue.

It has an abundant commercial offer along its length: tax-free shops, restaurants, bars, discos, etc. There are two main facilities visited daily by thousands of people:

  • Marine Exhibits Center. Located at Punta Culebra, it is an open-air museum encompassing the marine ecosystem diversity of Panama. It includes six aquariums where you can see the different marine species of the country.

  • Biodiversity Museum. An example of modernity and design, with eight exhibition rooms explaining and teaching the emergence of Panama. It has an exceptional botanic park where you can enjoy and interact with Nature.

With its great number of visitors, businesses and tourism, Amador Causeway has all the facilities, offers and ways to become a point of reference in Panama.

The government of Panama is loyal to its intention to offer a renewed, attractive and functional image of the country. Although the Panama Channel has provided the greatest advantages regarding economic growth, Panama aims to be among the first touristic spots of the region. Modern urban development and real estate plans from reputable firms become a reality through the years, transforming this beautiful Central American country into a development and investment point of reference.

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