El Cangrejo: El mejor lugar en Panamá


Panama City has an amazing blend of architectural styles, with buildings that go from classic and conservative to modern. Some of its neighborhoods even show surprising fusions, like El Cangrejo, a neighborhood located on Corregimiento Bellavista between two major roads: Simon Bolivar and España.

El Cangrejo has a a magnificent history. It once was the iconic neighborhood of Panama for its modern and futuristic style, as well as its commercial activity. We are talking of the ’50s. Nowadays, El Cangrejo dazzles us with its bohemian look and intense commercial and touristic life. It is a beautiful neighborhood with an abundance of restaurants, stores, and all kinds of stores.

Main Roads and Avenues of El Cangrejo

 The main avenue of El Cangrejo is Via Argentina, which runs through the neighborhood dividing it into two zones. It connects the street of Manuel Espinosa Batista with Via España. Via Argentina is the neighborhood’s commercial and touristic hub, dotted with restaurants, bars, and all kinds of stores. We will also come across two squares: Plaza Einstein, with a curious sculpture of the genius head created by the master Carlos Arboleda, and Andres Bello park , common site for different cultural activities.


El Cangrejo by Ana Freitas

Via Argentina also has a varied greenery consisting mainly of royal palms and hualtaco trees planted at regular intervals on the central median of the avenue. The local fauna gives this zone a cheery touch, especially the plentiful parakeets perched on the the tree tops.

El Cangrejo was designed around the hill where the La Salle college is located. This is the starting point for its roads, which follow a very aesthetic, curvy pattern of great visual impact.

The avenue Manuel Espinosa Batista mentioned above is also part of the commercial and cultural activity of this zone. This road intersects with the also mentioned Via Argentina, and harbors Virgen del Carmen church, the famous Octavio Mendez Pereira college campus, and the Panama hotel. Other important roads of El Cangrejo are Combatientes de Ghetto de Varsovia, Eusebio A. Morales, and José de Fabrega avenues, and the streets of  San Juan Bautista De la Salle and Enrique Geenzier.

Cultural and Night Life

Night life at El Cangrejo bustles with activity due to its wide variety of restaurants and bars with different international dishes and drinks. There are hotels and casinos galore providing different alternatives according to the visitors’ tastes and preferences. One of the favorite places of locals and tourists is without a doubt Andres Bello park, site of music concerts, art festivals, and heated political and cultural dissertations.

El Cangrejo is also a powerful cultural center with different renowned college campuses of Panama, like the Technological College of Panama, the Latin American University of Foreign Commerce, Nova University, the Inter American University, the Latin American College of Foreign Commerce and the University of Panama, in addition to renowned institutes like the Higher Institute of Haute Cuisine, Llena de Sola and Josefina Nicoleti dance academies, La Salle College and The Lincoln Academy.

There are also cultural centers like the famous and cherished La Quadra theater, located on avenue B North and close to where the also famous Astor cinema was once located. There was also another famous theater in the area: La Cupula. El Cangrejo also harbors a college movie theater, Simon Bolivar  library, and Manuel E. Amador art gallery.

Business Center  with Great Activity

There are also many real estate, travel and car rental companies, as well as international business centers at El Cangrejo, and at least 25 international restaurants. No wonder tourists have compared El Cangrejo with urban European and American areas. El Cangrejo is probably one of the most beautiful urban areas of Panama, a multicultural and cosmopolitan enclave preferred by tourists and visitors from different regions of the world.

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