Knowing Panama: Albrook, Area of Continuous Growth


Due to the country’s characteristic geographic context, Panama offers different and particular tourist spots that have gained popularity. The Panama Canal is their flagship, the greatest economic exponent of this southeastern Central American country. TEST ENGLISH

One of the areas close to the Panama Canal enjoying the benefits of the advantages of this commercial colossus is the land known as Albrook. This is the bedrock of the Garden City of Albrook.

Short history

In the ’20s, the current land of Albrook belonged to the American station at Albrook, which came about from the need of having a second landing strip in the Pacific and the military purpose of defending the Panama Canal.

United States had command and control of this military zone, which was gradually returned to Panama in accordance with the Torrijos-Carter agreements. Both the administrative power and the total number of facilities were legally returned during an honorary ceremony that took place on October 1, 1997.

Almost 70 years later, Panama recovered a land of approximately 740 acres with more than 400 housing units, recreation centers and commercial areas.  A complex of buildings with many possibilities for growth on an enviable strategic place.

Nowadays, Albrook  is a residential housing area, a complex of buildings known as Garden City of Albrook. The vegetation and beauty of its grove of trees is sprinkled with numerous residences and houses under construction. This land is the object of several building plans that will be completed in the near future.


By: Ana María Guardia

They share their space with Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport, a reminder of the past military air base, which creates a particular sight hardly seen anywhere else.

Today Albrook is popularly known for harboring Centro Albrook Mall, the largest shopping center in Panama. This extraordinary business center was the first complex in its category built in Panama. This large, closed center with all comforts provides an ample, new offer, multiplying the number of visitors each year.

The  Albrook  area has an enormous potential for its extraordinary location, practically on the shores of the Panama Canal, benefiting from all the advantages from the main economic focal point of the country: large residential areas far from the city’s hustle and bustle.   Furthermore, its residents are close to the luxury of the largest shopping center in the country, which provides significant added value to the area and is a reflection of the continuous economic and touristic growth of the country.

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